Quality policy

A comprehensive quality police has the highest priority at ZSI technology. One of the started goals of the management is a permanent improvement of the management system aiming at of a total quality management and at the resulting zero-defect strategy for al services.

Our four key messages to quality are:
  • We reach our satisfied customers with motivated employees and stable progresses.
  • We create transparency, quality and set ambitious goals.
  • We search for possible sourcess of errors systematically and stop those effectively.
  • All our employees and managers are personally committed to improve the quality.

Environmental, health, information and safety policy

The environmental, health, information and safety policy is a practiced and self-imposed obligation for ZSI technology and is supposed to help secure the data and information security and the natural foundations of life.

Compliance guidelines for employees

The reputation, the success and the trust of customers, shareholders, employees and business partners depend decisirely on the concrete behaviour of every single employee. To clarify the responsibilities, a behaviour guideline was created including minimum standards, which is mandatary for our employees. It should help to overcome the legal and ethical challenges in daily work, should provide orientation and strengthen confidence in the performance and integrity of the ZSI technology furthermore.