The management

Angela Rebekka Werbik business year 2019:

The German economy was stable in 2019 although the news reports lead to something else. The result from the ordinary business activities of ZSI technology is moderate satisfactory.

The continuous process improvement for all business operations is our daily focus. Regular measures, to continuously improve the commercial business development, will be taken. In this regard, the primary importance is to guarantee the sustainable business success.

ZSI technology will be available for our customers as competent partner for innovative technical development and production services in the future with an individual and customized support in their business activities. In addition, it is important for ZSI technology to be an attractive employer for its employees. ZSI technology will make every effort to fulfil the stated requirements.

The shareholders:
The financial contribution by the managing directors guarantee a strong entrepreneurial bond and ensure the common interest of an corporate business development.